Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Letters To Our Children ~ October

Dear Laceybug,

My sweet little ladybug who has a heart the size of the universe.  You make us laugh everyday with your silliness and your awesome personality.  You finally started loosing your baby teeth!  Yes, I cried when the first tooth popped out. I know I am a cry baby!! You are growing up too fast and that tooth made me realize just how fast.  

You are doing so well in school!! I love that you love to go and always have a smile when I pick you up.  Even though your feelings get hurt easy you always bounce right back. You are a real role model to your sister.  As you know she wants to be just like you!!! I know this can get on your nerves sometimes. Thank you for being the best big sissy ever!! 

I love you baby girl to the heavens and back!! 

eyes2 lacey-beach-2013 IMG_8022 IMG_8617-copy Don't forget to click on over to Lauren Somershoe Bauerschmidt to read her awesome letter!! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

a letter of the alphabet

Week 40

 C is for cat or as my daughter says "cat love" 40/52~ a letter of the alphabet