Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Letters To Our Children ~May~

Dear Lacey,

Another school year is almost gone and you have grown so much. Your kind spirited personality is what I love most about you. You have never met a stranger which at times can make me cringe. Your love for animals is amazing and I know when you grow up you will be that veterinarian you dream of being. You love to rescue anything and if your dad would allow it we would have tons of animals. Don't worry I will keep working on him! I love finding you in the fields just sitting talking with your animals. The look on their faces show that they know that you love them very much. Just the other day we had a little bird that fell out of it's nest and you wanted so bad to help him and be his mom. Unfortunately, we could not save him but you named him Ben and I know his finally moments were happy because of you. From the moment you were placed in my arms I knew you were special and everyone else could feel that too. Our very own angel sent to us straight from heaven. 

Mommy IMG_6311-copy IMG_6318-copy IMG_6259-copy IMG_6232-copy  

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