Thursday, August 22, 2013

Letters To Our Children - August

Dear Lainey,

My little snuggle bug! Where do I begin with you?  You are something else!! I love your sweet personality. When you say "just hold me mommy" my heart just smiles.  However, you are my little firecracker too!  You are quick to say what's on your mind! Sometimes daddy and I have to giggle at your words. 

You are my girly girl who loves makeup, dress up and tea parties. But then you will put on your boots and become my little farm girl.  You love to help mommy and you are my shadow.  We tell each other all the time that we are best friends.  You light up my world little sunshine!  Next month you will start preschool and you are so excited!  I will be just as excited as you are but my heart will be sad for the 3 hours you are gone.  I will be the first mommy in line to get you!!! Don't worry I will not embarrass you!! I will just smother you in lots of kisses.   I love you baby girl to the heavens, around the moon and back! 


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  1. Beautiful letter! She is so sweet.

  2. Good luck with preschool! Such a fun time. :)